This is The Story Project, a story that is constantly expanded by the readers themselves by using the app.
Once a dead end is reached the user will be presented with a choice to either continue the story or to go back and read another story line.
This is one of the story lines.

Written by: BackupNerd
You manage to open the window without much noise, and slowly climb out. You're on the second floor, and are now standing on a tiny ledge that seems to go all the way around the house. The drop down can't be any more than two meters high, although you're still a bit drowsy with reduced perception. Back in the room you can hear someone knocking at the door again.

What do you do?
Move further along the ledge that goes along the wall
Attempt to jump down without hurting yourself

Please not that since anyone can contribute to the stories you might come across material that is offensive or disturbing.
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